Developing a dynamic brand identity that
utilizes a rebellious yet charming ethos

TOPCOAT is a Seattle based pop-up nail art party that seeks to connect like-minded ladies over nail art manicures and female DJ’s by popping up in different venues and shops all over the city. The event seeks to create an interactive experience in a safe space for creative communities in Seattle.

The graphic of crossed figures behind a back represents the idea that only you knows the real you. The logo is accompanied by Avenir Light which is a more elegant alernative to Futura, which is a widely used typeface.


In the logo lockup, the word TOPCOAT is slightly arched, intended to give the logo a playful yet mischevious feel. The circle encapsulating the two elements representing a community and the importance of coming together to collaborate.


Business Cards


DJ Mix Series

Mani Music is a series of mixes allowing TOPCOAT to debut new, up and coming female DJ’s. For their mix artwork, I developed a fluid brand system that emphasizes typographic sensibilities.

TOPCOAT strives to curate a space where creatives can come togther to get their nails done but share more than this one common interest. These are photos from events such as Babeland Workshops, Planned Parenthood's Pink Carpet event, and various Trichome in-store events.

A collaboration between Lil Woody's and TOPCOAT.

TOPCOAT Pop-up Nail Party

As a brand extension and way for TOPCOAT to host an event without a venue, I created an interactive space complete with environmental graphics and other assets.

Poplin Nail Shirt

Pop-in 3D Rendering



Graphic Design
Art Direction
Front-end Development

Available Upon Request.

All work copyright © Justin Av, 2019.

1501 East Spring St.
Seattle, WA 98122
+1 425 319 2028

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