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Editorial balance between
the antiquated and the modern.

Fabricate Magazine is a publication that centers around everyday objects through design and culture. As a biannual, each edition examines a different object through the curation of editorials, photo explorations and artwork. Fabrication seeks to create an open dialogue about design and delightful, yet unexpected relationships we have with common objects in our day to day lives.

Separated into 3 sections, an these objects analyzed through the lens of what materials can be made of: "Material," how and what they are used for: "Intent," and what cultural impacts are made from its fabrication: "Social Ties." My design approach was consisted of using a modular graphic system, layout, and quirky typography to lessen its sometimes austere tone.

In this current issue, Fabricate explores our connection to the Chair. In the "Material" section, we explore how one womxn built a plastics empire that expanded an industry inituitive to make well-designed, mass-produced, low-cost products. In the "Intent" section, we discuss the controversy of how one artist creates furniture and works of art out of recycled weapons from years of civil unrest. In the "Social Ties" section, we join Paola Antonelli in an interview of the social impacts of the Sacco Chair, the orignal bean bag chair.

A translation of graphic systems and
print editorials into web format

I created a web version of Fabricate Magazine to provide readers a mobile and online version as contemporary as its print counterpart. Utilizing the same editiorial style as the hardcopy magazine, the web version seeks to create a cohesive and distilled version of Fabricate.

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